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Poor service and Updates


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Sorry folks I have to vent a little. Had my GS in to Argyle for the brake updates and also got a new rear end on warranty but when I asked them to sinc the throttle bodies to cure the rough idle and low speed drivability problems, they told me'they all do that sir'. Then I asked if they could connect the computer and load the latest updated sofeware to which they replied there were no updates available. This bike has never had an update!

Are all the Canadain dealers this far behind? Anyone had thier GS sofware updated in Western canada and if so where?

Am losing faith in the brand due to the poor service attitude I have gotten from this dealer 2 times in a row and I have owned BMW's for 30+ years. They make them so you have to take them in and then your told there isn't anything they can do !

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What is the production date on your GS? and how many times has it been serviced??


Updates are (should) be done when the bike is in for the 1K and 10,000K services. There are updates to the ZFE, KOMBI and BMS-K depending on your production date.


Maybe time to try a different dealer?? How has your experience with Blackfoot been?


Good luck

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If it makes you feel any better, it's not just Canada. I had the same exact conversation with the "no-service' manager at Long Beach BMW about syncing my TBs. I told him I wanted my tires replaced (both of which were shot.) He said I don't need them - w/o inspecting the rubber on my bike. It's like they don't want business. To my mind, the proper response to "Please replace my tires" is, "Yes sir. What kind?" dopeslap.gif


I went to BMW of Ventura a few days later and asked the service manager to replace my tires. Guess what he said! "Yes sir. What kind?" Now guess who's got a new loyal customer!!! clap.gif

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I have had really good service from Budds in Oakville - but that is a pretty long way for you to go. In terms of software updates I am not aware that any have been made to my bike, a 2005 RT. I bought the bike in February so its possible some updates were made to it before I picked it up in mid march but I kind of doubt it. When I took it for its first service in April I asked about this and told that the computer showed that my bike was not due for anything. They also said there were no outstanding recalls (even though the brake recalls had already been issued in other countries). Maybe it takes BMW Canada longer to "catch up" than eleswhere. I don't know why they wouldn't apply software updates though as I kind of doubt this would cost them much if anything to do as part of regular service.

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If your bike is operating fine, and you are using the accessory outlets for anything- beware of updates. The latest update has a habit of rendering your accessory plugs unuseable to things like GPS and radar detectors. I know.



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Let's see.... For the R1200RT

there is the update that fixes the temp display

then there is the update that fixes the oil level display (along with a new float)

then there is the update that fixes battery drain if you turn the key on and off witout starting the bike. There are others and lord knows exactly what they do.


For recalls, there is the banjo bolt recall and the ABS sensor routing recall


You are getting good service from Budds??? I dunno about that.

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