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Final Drive Fluid


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I'm considering changing the final drive fluid from the Redline I've been using to another brand. In really hot weather after a long run at high speeds, the fluid burps out of the vent and onto the final drive. Yes I understand that this is normal for Redline to do this. Do the other synthetics do this as well? What about fluid compatibility? I don't know if I will be able to remove all the old fluid because it clings to the gears so well. Any recommendations?


Just for the record, this technically isn't an oil thread. tongue.gif

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John Dickens

It's the level that's critical here.


On level ground top up the rear drive fluid till it just reaches the 'step' at the bottom of the filler plug orifice.


Any higher and it will bubble out.

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I don't think that I over serviced it. confused.gif I'm due for a fluid change. I'll be sure to err toward the low side this time.

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Paul Mihalka

Well, there are not too many Redline oil users and more Redline reports of burping oil out than other oils. So I would guess the type of oil has something to do with it. Overfilling will obviously do it.

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