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Lets Do Lunch At The Grand Coulee Dam

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A-Red Bill and I agreed to meet in Leavenworth between 8:30 and 9 AM. The weather report was predicted to be decent so around 6:00AM on Sunday(5/26), after confirming with NOAA, it began to pour at my house. Thinking it was a squall I ,this to would pass. At 7AM it lightened up. So with some trepidation (1.5 hours from home over the Cascades) about being soaked by the time I made it Leavenworth, I hit the road. Gas stop 5 minutes from home, jacket is getting wet. On with the raingear. Rained until almost Monroe (Hwy 2 all the way to Leavenworth from I-5 in Everett, 5 miles north or Marysville) and then dry the rest of the ride to Leavenworth. Met Bill for breakfast at 9:10. We then headed to East Wenatchee (Hwy US 2) and did Badger Mountain to Waterville (start at 19th St in East Wenatchee. There is a light. Head up hill and around until you intersect with Badger Mt. Road). What a great road and spectacular views as you crest the ridge (Gravel Parking area at the top). The final drop to Waterville begins with 2.5 miles of hard packed dirt road. As Bill and I agreed, later, it could easily be done faster than we did it. In Waterville we decided it was Grand Coulee Dam or bust(Hwy 2 to Hwy 172 to Hwy 17 to Hwy 174 to Coulee Dam) So in need of gas we started to ride missing the gas station in Waterville. About 15 miles outside of Grand Coulee my reserve light came on. Gassed up in Grand Coulee with .5 gallon to spare!! To close for me. Bill had one gallon to spare. Leisurely lunch and then down Hwy 155 to US Hwy 2 where he headed south to Yakima and I west to Marysville. Absolutely spectacular on Hwy. 2 to Waterville with little or no traffic and rain squalls falling in either side of Hwy. but not on me. Traffic started to return to normal at Orondo and then the normal Stevens Pass afternoon grind. Home by 6:30 about 4 hours after leaving Bill and a total of 488 miles on the odo. Exhausted but very pleased with the day. My cheapo (as compared to the Valentine 1) radar detector sure worked. It picked up State patrol 3 times!! A great day trip from the Puget Sound!!!

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