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:::dAD-gUM-iT...i cAN'T gO:::


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wELL...i'VE bEEN nIPPED. Due to my absence here at work for May Torrey and July Paonia/UnUnGunn, my appearance at Eureka will be nil.

I really cannot roll anymore time off my calendar - especially in October - as I have a huge 3-4 day conference that I am leading the last weekend of October. A coupla concerts and this conference is making the world go round, but is seriously hindering my riding time. smile.gif

So, I am going to miss Eureka -- Howevah...I might make THEE FALLING LEAF in Potosi, MO from Oct. 12-14.

We'll have to see how my scheduling goes in the early stages of that month.

It may be a bummer all around or may catch most of you in Potosi, MO. wOOhOO shocked.gif

I really, really want to ride the Eureka area...it seems it will be a wait.

Ah Well...have fun you hoons you and turn one upside for me...dat would be a beer, NOT your scooter.!! shocked.gifshocked.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifwink.gif


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Sorry you can't make the Unrally in ES. Additionally, if you go to Falling Leaf from the 12th to 14th your gonna be lonely. The rally is from the 10th to the 12th.......


Just don't kill the messenger....... crazy.gif


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If you do make it to Potosi in Oct. we are organizing/hosting the "Cruiser Invasion of Kansas City, the 'MO Betta' Rally" the same weekend of the Falling Leaf. It will actually be headquartered at the KOA camp grounds in Oak Grove from noon on the 10th through noon on the 12th. Not to hijack your thread, but I would like to extend an invite to any of you attending the Falling leaf to come visit the cruiser invasion during that weekend. As is the policy with my local group, we do not care what you ride and there is only one requirement to ride with us. You have to be able to spell B-M-W. gOOD lUCK ON tHAT tEST.

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dAMN. What am I going to do with my Mr. Microphone now?!! grin.gif Those things aren't easy to find, ya know!


We're gonna miss your mug JRH, and the mOOSE'S too. Have fun at the Falling Leaf if you can make it. I'll send along the empties with Sir Rodney!



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Now I appreciate even more, the "cool" times at the "UnUnGun", and seeing you there.

By the way, that was a small but great group.

Fond memories of huddling under those little trees for relief from the hot sun cool.gif

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