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Unattending the UnRally


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Due to good news/bad news at work (good news, new client smile.gif/bad news, I have been assigned the project frown.gif!) we now can't attend the UnRally. Fortunately, our trip to Cherokee in the Smokies on week of the 22nd of Sep isn't affected (or I would be REALLY pissed!). Thank you!! I will definitely be using your ride maps David smile.gif


I was so looking forward to meeting you all...so, until next time or unless any of you are around Cherokee NC!!


So, looks like no need for anchovies with the Pizza now folks... grin.gif!


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Dang, Phil, that's too bad. I was looking forward to seeing you and Debbie down there. Why don'cha come up to the Full Moon one of these Sundays and do a little posing? As little riding as I've been doing lately, at least it's something.

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I always thought I was alone with my fetish for "small hairy fish" grin.gifgrin.gif! Is there a support group or is this truly a normal thing??? grin.gif


Bri....Yes! you bet a "real ride" locally....after the UnRally we should arrange something!


Raaan....I have been known to portray a "poseur" now and then grin.gif Perhaps I should wait to meet up at the restaurant when the colder weather arrives and when most of the NSP's are cowering indoors with their bikes under covers. grin.gif




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I wouldn't quite call my taste for the little Moroccans a "fetish," but I am an aficionado, and have enjoyed them not only on pizzas, but salads, as sauces, and atop the weiner schnitzel von Holstein, from time to time. Also as tapas in Spain, usually "jamon con anchoa" atop a piece of bread. Many more than one.

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The ONLY justifiable use I can see for the lowly anchovy is in a fresh Caesar salad! Or maybe on a bait barge!


(Oh, and sorry I won't get to meet you, philby! Good luck with the new project, and if you ever get to San Diego--ping me! smile.gif

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Unfortunately, two things are causing me to retract my intentions of making it to Eureka Springs:

  • At the end of October, it's just been determined that I'm attending a conference for work and I will be away from the office enough then to put a strain on being gone at the beginning of October.
    And... (this one is the kicker)...
  • Yesterday my wife and I discovered a huge error with the bank who refinanced our house. It appears when we refinanced, contrary to what we requested and have done with all of our mortgage financing in the past, they "forgot" to start escrow for the property taxes and home owner's insurance and now we have a HUGE freaking tax and insurance bill that needed to be paid last month. What a mess. frown.gif I'm so ready to put my foot up the loan officer's keister and wiggle it for about an hour or so until she begins to understand what an incredible cluster-**** she has put us in. There's more to this mess than that, like scheduling the closing at a title company 2 1/2 hours from our house, resulting in a title closing "through the mail" which I knew would screw us in the end. I'm sure deep down it's only my wife and I who are to blame, but I won't get myself started to spare all of you the morbid details and my ranting and raving.
    <sarcasm type="heavy" volume="+10">But, hey, the bank sent us a $40 gift card to Applebee's for all of our troubles! wink.gif</sarcasm>
    I hate Applebee's. frown.gif

Anyway, I'll be thinking of all of you during the first week in October and patiently awaiting the next opportunity for a BMWST.com gathering.


Thanks again to everyone who offered to help out in getting me to Eureka Springs, especially David for offering to loan me some gloves for the trip. I appreciate all of the personal invitations and incentives to get there but it's just so screwed up around here right now.


I feel awful. frown.gif Nothing left to do except fill up the tank, ride around the placid flatlands of rural Illinois and take in the autumn smell of corn harvesting! grin.gif

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