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R1200RT question ???


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Hello again,


I am a 2003 R1150RT owner, who is thinking of trading with a new R1200RT during the next months. The post is not about the advantages of the 1200 over 1150, since I already test rode the 1200 and I have already decided for my new pride.


I had read lot of post concerning low seats and lot of surfing through the web for the perfect seat for my needs (I am 5,9 with I think 29 inseam), but I couldn't find an answer to my questions.


My R1150RT has a Wunderlich low seat installed and it feels perfect. BMW stock seat is 805 mm high and with the Wunderlich low seat goes to 765 mm (-400 mm), and I can easily flat foot both legs at the same time with my riding boots. I feel confident and I dont want to lose this feeling.


Now for the R1200RT the BMW stock low seat is 780 mm, but I would definately buy a wunderlich seat again. It sure made a difference on the 1150, why not on the 1200. But, I cannot understand if the wundelich low seat is lower or not than the BMW low seat.... if not what's the point of producing it except comfort ... and if yes nowhere in wunderlich websites (Greek .gr, English .co.uk) is stating how low the wundelich low seat for the R1200RT is crazy.gif


The R1200RT is perfect for me, but the only thing that I CANNOT deal with in any bike, is not to flat foot both at the same time .... it is just the firt thing that determines my decision to discuss the rest ...... frown.gif


So is the Wunderlich low seat lower than the BMW low seat?

Are there any other seats (availiable in Europe of course) which may be lower than the BMW low seat?


Thank you for your time wave.gif

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It is my understanding that the RTs without ESA are more than an inch lower than those that have it. You might want to consider this when checking off the options list.



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