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Power tap for XM Radio


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I am looking for an easy power tap for my XM Roady.


I have the side panels and dash off my '02 R1150RT.


I am somewhat mechanically inclined but know nothing about the electrical system.


Havn't decided whether to use the provided step-down plug or to purchase a new power supply; however, I don't believe that a step-down supply is readily available.


Please provide assistance.






'02 R1150RT-P

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however, I don't believe that a step-down supply is readily available.




You're better off hard-wiring an adapter that trying to deal with a lighter plug. Note that the hard-wire adapter has a built-in fuse; if you bury it under the tupperware, you'll have a harder time getting to it in the unlikely event that the fuse blows.


On the civilian RTs there's two power connectors for the radio near the radio box. On the 1100, one's a red-and-something wire that it on all the time, the other is a purple-and-something wire that's on when the key is not in the LOCK position (e.g. on when it's in OFF or ON). Another alternative is to tap into the city light, the little light underneath the headlight. It's on whenever the ignition is on. That's the one I tapped into (and get the bonus of being able to turn my XM on and off, along with the headlight, with the Euro-switch).

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Thanks. My radio box has the aux battery in it (a whole separate subject), but there is an unused connector next to it. I will check it out.

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The civilian 2002-2003 1150RT's have a purple with black tracer wire that is hot whenever the forks are unlocked and only dead when you lock them (don't forget at your peril eek.gif ). The RT-P harness is very different in other areas and you might not have this wire in your glove box (for the civilian radio) given you have the aux battery set-up. You might have another wire that behaves this way, but dammned if I would know where it might be or what color it is. dopeslap.gif


We soldered a wire to the end of the adapter and zip-tie'd it all behind the dash (after removing the worthless speakers there's LOTS of room back there).


We used this wire to feed a fuse block for all the low wattage electronics (it's not that big a wire) so we can shut down for road construction or traffic and still have autocoms, XM music, GPS, bike-to-bike and even V-1's. thumbsup.gif


Good Luck.

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