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I had a Power Commander put on my 2004 1150rt today, and it is excellent. I didn't do it for any surging problem, as I didn't have any. But, it simply makes the bike accleration smoother and more powerful. I had a Techlusion on a previous bike, and it was great also. I can't tell the difference between the effect of the Techlusion and the Power Commander, but the Power Commander is tunable by downloading maps. I'm surprised more people don't use the Techlusion or Power Commander. They really do work.

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Are you using a generic map or did you have one made custom for your bike?


I love the PC on my CBR600RR. I can come in from a track session and change maps in 5 minutes with the laptop. Back out on the track, I can tell how each map changes the way the motor responds. It's pretty cool.


I'm using a downloaded map from Dan Kyle, but I've been giving serious thought to having a map done custom one of these days.

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The latest Power Commander is a pretty nice gadget. It can use a wide band O2 sensor and pirates the TPS signal as well so you can make gains in both economy and power. I'm thinking about one for my Blackbird, it hardly needs more power but, I could get a nice increase from the dismal fuel economy that bike delivers.


Long time on the payback though. Even with the elevated fuel prices we deal with these days.

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