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lowering passenger pegs


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Hello, I wondered if anyone on the forum has used the passenger lowering pegs form A&S. In order for my wife to ride along with me I need to lower and move her legs foward, her knees bother her. From what I have read, this kit from A&S might work. But I would like some advise before I have to spend those kind of dollars. So if anyone has experience with this kit I would enjoy the advise. Thanks for the help, Max. confused.gif

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Les is more

When I rode pillion regularly with Jamie, I was having knee and hip discomfort. The Suburban Machinery lowering kit did just what you describe, moved my feet down and forward. I was very happy with them. I'm 5'8" with about a 29" inseam.


Since I don't ride on the back anymore, we took ours off of Jamie's bike while on a road trip. We ran into a couple riding from Iowa to Las Vegas to get married. They were on an RT and she was complaining about her knees. We gave them the lowering kit right there in the parking lot of Las Vegas BMW. We got a check and a thank you from them when they got home to Iowa. She said that the lowering kit saved the trip for her.

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If anyone is aware of these for an 1100S, PLEASE provide a link. I found one but it eliminated the ability to fold them up.



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I bought the Suburban Machinery lowering kit and Cindy loves it. I put on one side and let her sit on the bike and feel the difference. The guy who makes them is great and his wife was the reason they were made. she has the same trouble. They are good people to do business with.


By teh way I got the bar riser and like them too.

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