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track day


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I'm about to do a track school at Spokane Raceway where they require mirrors be removed and lights taped over. Taping directly over lights can leave a sticky mess. I suppose that a barrier of newspaper or wax paper might do the trick, however I seem to recall that I read somewhere there is a way to "default" the lights.

Something about depressing the turn signal cancel button X number of times, or some such procedure. Anyone know anything about this or have a recommendation? I know that removing the bulbs screws up the ABS.



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You will still be required to tape up your headlight glass.


Go get some low tack vinyl shelfpaper. You can spraypaint black or something before you put it on so the little printed daisy flowers don't show wink.gif

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The tape is to keep all the headlight glass together if you throw your bike down. It makes the clean up easier and keeps the corner workers happy.

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