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Ramada Inn


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I just got off the phone with Teresa, the new owner at the Ramada Inn (970) 641-2804. She agrees to honor our reservations at the price quoted at the time they were made. I believe many of us were on that list, so I wanted to mention it here first. She knows that we will vote with our feet otherwise, and has ok'd me to put the word out to our group.


Speaking of that, will we be opening this forum up to the masses in the future (with deletions of the HA topic of course)? This would be a great depository spot for all of the UnRally information vs. digging for it in the Ride Together forum - a temporary segregated forum would be ultra-convenient. There's plenty of new members who might have missed the first go around.

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Good to hear about the Ramada, Jake. Thanks for passing it on.


As for opening this forum to the BBS membership, I believe we're best served by keeping this as a private place where we can all communicate with each other, and opening up a separate Gunnison Rally forum for everyone else. Otherwise, we're going to end up with 2,000 opinions on every issue we discuss in here, and we're going to get nowhere.


However, it's DCB's call.

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Should there be some mention in the public forum that the Ramada issue has been resolved? I know there were a lot of folks who were going to cancel their reservations at the last minute. Wouldn't help relations to have that happen after working this out with the new owners.

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Sure, David. I think it's a good idea. We need to let everyone know that the Ramada people are willing to honor the originally quoted prices and that the entire issue was a communications foul-up. Furthermore, as you point out, it wouldn't be good PR, given the sensitive nature of that week in Gunnison, for us to "shaft" one of their newest residents.


Please post about this in the "Ride in Gunnison: Planning for the UnRally" forum so all BBS members can see it.



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