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earplugs for use with Autocom


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Nope. No problem with sound muffling. Just set up your Autocom volume to be heard through the plugs.


Mine is actually set so it's not really all that loud through the plugs, but I can't turn on my music if I'm not wearing plugs - too loud!

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I did not get good results with the helmet speakers at speed.

I use the er6i's with the autocomm in ear speaker extension cable pt. # 27.



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Don't bother with the speakers. You won't hear much with earplugs unless the volume is cranked up.


I use the ER6i's like others and it works well, even at a low, comfortable volume.

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Speaker positioning is critical.


I wear 30NRR disposable earplugs and I had problems with the Autocom helmet speakers at first. They were just barely loud enough with my music source cranked up to full volume.


But then I repositioned the speakers a bit (moved them forward) and and that cured the problem completely. Now I can set my music source to about half volume and I hear it quite well, even at 90+ mph.




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I use Howard Leight corded plugs with a 30+dbA reducition in the "mid-range" of common motorcycle noise, in bulk from Lab Safety Products web site. I can hardly hear speach at all, but hear sirens, and all the sounds the come out of my autocom 7 helmet speakers.


Best wishes.

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