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Tell me it ain't so!


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So, now I have to choose between the UnRally and a new job! confused.gif


I cannot believe it! I've been without employment since April, and now all of a sudden, a company expects me to just drop the rest of the riding season, including the UnRally, and work for them! grin.gif They even expect me to start on October 6th! frown.gif How can this be?


Seriously, the good news is that I've received a very nice offer. The bad news is that the first day of a special training program begins the morning of October 6th, and they seem to think I should be there. They just don't understand the riding priorities thing! grin.gif


Don't scratch me from the UnRally, yet! I'm still working on it!

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So what is the training schedule for the 7th? I hope it works out and you can join us. If not we'll talk about you real bad and make fun while we ride some fun roads. Btw, congrats on the new job. grin.gif

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So, now I have to choose between the UnRally and a new job!


Well, Tasker. It seems like the solution is pretty cut-and-dried. If you've found this job, there will be others. UnRally it is!




(Congrats on the new job!)



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Tell them you are getting married.

Tell them you have to get your tonsils out.

Tell them you won't be able to concentrate in their silly training seminar.


We've all got cell phones.

Call in sick.

We'll have Doc call in sick for you. That will make it ok.


Doc - you are coming right?


If not, I know Jake or Knapp can handle the call in for you. For that matter, have you really looked at Ron B's avatar. He LOOKS like a Doctor.


We can't let David Baker handle the call in. He's too farkin spicy. grin.gif


And if Gleno does it - well, they'll either love ya or think Mar's is attacking.

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Hmmmm, Oct 6th huh?? The answer is obvious.


Be in Torrey on Oct 2nd, ride the farkin' wheels offa your bike for 3 daze there, and head back to Indy in time for your new employ. wink.gif


Sadly, many of us won't make the Un for too many reasons. Sadly also, this'll be the 1st one I've missed. grin.giffrown.gif Unless I do the whole airfare rent a car dealy. Ya never know who the douchebag in the rented Taurus screamin' up your asspipe in the twisties might be. shocked.gifshocked.gif


BTW, congrats on the new job. cool.gif

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Unless I do the whole airfare rent a car dealy.


Hey, if it's good enough for my Sally, it's good enough for you. I'll even have a spare bike you can ride 'til she gets there (and quite possibly after smile.gif ) There's a gazillion flights a day into Fayetteville (XNA). Get you and your spicy nuts to E Springs!

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Gleno, Dude. You mean to tell me after 2.5 years of reading your trash on this DB and a summer of anticipation I'm just now finding out you won't be there confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif


You are half of the reason I decided to go! You'll all just have to guess about the other half smile.gif



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