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Chatter box to BMW "1100RT" Radio


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I have not pulled the radio out yet but is there a way to hook up the stock BMW radio to the chatter box aux port to hear the rasio in the headset? Has anyone attempted this or is this a bad idea? Thanks for any input.



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not sure of any off the shelf solutions, but it certainly is possible for any reasonably good audio engineer to rig up a isolation coil from the BMW radio into one of the inputs of the ChatterBox.

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You could probably use the Autocom part to split the audio off from the stock radio. The Chatterbox simply needs the same stereo audio jack as the Autocom.


OTOH - you could probably get a portable FM radio and CD player (or iPod) for about what that cable would cost you.. Keep it in your pocket, and you wouldn't need ANY cables attached to the bike. (Unless you wanted GPS and/or Radar detector as well...)




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