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K100LT Driveshaft


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Hi all,


After 80k miles of faithful service, but driveshaft decided to go at the start of my days ride...least it was at the start!


Looking around for a replacement but does anyone know if the K75 or K1100 one will work? Also what about bevel boxes, I wouldn't mind reducing the revs so the bike isn't turning over as quick at 70 if possible (higher final drive?). Input on this is most welcome too!





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Hi, Steve-


The driveshafts from the K75 or K100 monolever are the same. The early K100's had a different number of splines on the rear end (I think). To reduce rpm you can get the rear end out of an RS. Your ratio is 2.91 and the RS is 2.81. It won't make a lot of difference at highway speeds, maybe 200 rpm.


Any bike with a paralever will not work in a Monolever. That includes the K1100. Being an LT, your bike should use the "later" style of monolever driveshaft.


I have heard on this forum about using the ring and pinion out of the defunct R1200 cruisers for ratios the the range of 2.6X. An interesting thought, if it will work. That would be a significant change, but you would have to consider if it would be lugging the engine under a heavy load like the LT.



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You may already have RS gearing in your KLT. When my driveshaft went I found out that I had RS gearing when I went for a replacement. I am the original owner so I know it wasn't changed by anyone. The ratio is marked somewhere on the drive but I don't remember where.

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The 85 driveshaft has a different number of splines than the 86 and newer. The ratio is marked on top of the case. JON

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