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California Scientific- The other white meat?

Mr. Bill

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I've tried a few windshields on my trusty R1100RT in an attempt to find windshield nirvana, stock, Cee Bailey, Aeroflow. I think the windshield from California Scientific is the closest so far. It is different, two large holes cut in the bottom of it. No flip lip at the top. How can this thing work as well as it does? The holes move a steady stream of air up the back side of the winshield I'm told. The air moves cleanly over your head without that annoying back pressure. Flared at the bottom to protect your hands. This thing works great! What could be better? The edges of the shield are not polished like you see on the Cee Bailey. But if you trade in your old non stock winshield you get $60.00 off. This is not a payed endorsement, I just like it that much. Check them out at www.Motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Products.html

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Very interesting. cool.gif


Looks a bit wide to me for the folks with GS mirrors installed--also a bit like Darth Vader's helmet. I'd like to see if they're coming out with something a bit narrower--I need the air! dopeslap.gif

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