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2 nights motel........................................$124.


1 day scraping pegs in the mountains.......Priceless


So, Pam's in Vegas. I have no plans for this weekend. My bikes all ready to go to Ohio. What should I do???????????????

I know, Go to North Georgia and the mountains!!!

I left work early on Friday, about 2:30. Rolled out of the garage at 2:45 heading for Dawsonville, GA. 664 miles later I pull up to the motel at 1:30am. Checked in, flopped into bed and passed out. Woke up at 7:30 and went looking for breakfast. I found the twisty roads first! Passed up a couple of OK looking places but was already having too much fun on the roads. 20 miles later I'm wondering if it was worth coming this far for such a short weekend. Definitely! But talk about rusty. I'm having a hard time getting into a groove. I remember being much better than this last year! But the roads and scenery are great. Just seeing the mountains makes me smile. Oh yea, breakfast! I stop in Tellico Plains, TN 100 miles later. The only restaurant I see is just opening for lunch, bummer I really wanted some eggs. Instead I have a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

After lunch I head up the Cherohala Skyway towards Robbinsville, NC. Now I'm starting to feel comfortable again. Before long I can hear the slight sound of metal on the road as the pegs just barely drag. 40 miles of sweeping curve after curve, what bliss. And hardly a car or bike in sight. Even with several rallies going on in the area bike traffic is very light. The couple of bikes I come upon I quickly pass and they disappear. At Robbinsville I hang a left and head to the store at Deals Gap. Looks like I found all the bikes in the area. The parking lot and store were jammed. No way am I going through the Gap with all these bikes and sport car clubs. I head east on Rt 28 and go to Franklin covering one of my all time favorite roads. If fact at one point I make a U-turn and back track 10 miles so that I can do the road again. It’s great having the road all to myself again. I sure do miss this kind of riding in FL. I'll have to do this a few more times this year.

After Franklin I start working my way back south towards my motel. There are still a few great roads to carve. Wolf Pen Gap is better than Deals Gap and there is no traffic. Into Suches and make a left on Rt 60. The curves on this stretch are awesome. Too bad they were not this easy to take this morning on my way west. Must have found my groove. Sure glad I didn't lose it.

Now the light is starting to fade so I stop for dinner. Fun time is over for a couple of weeks till I come back after coming to OH. Oops, one of my headlights are out. A quick stop at Auto Zone and I can see again. I roll into the motel lot with another 380 on the odometer. In my room I start watching Pearl Harbor. But I've seen it before and soon I pass out.

7:00 I'm on the road home. Sure seems further than the trip up. Somehow it is, 691 miles. How is that possible? I think I took the same route back. Oh well.

Was the trip worth it? Will I do it again? You bet! I think I'll try to do this once every spring, summer, fall and maybe even winter.



I wrote the above in April. Now I can't wait to repeat this trip next weekend on my new R1200RT. smile.gifthumbsup.gif


Ed Kruse (aka Speed Nut)

Naples FL

GWRRA #124374

AMA Member

'06 R1200RT

'02 GL1800 ABS Silver

"Just Kruse'n"

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Proof, yet again, that it isn't really the destination... clap.gif


I'd have to do the same if I lived in Fla.


Enjoy, rinse, repeat.

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Ed -


24 hrs notice, next time.


Damn straight...if you and Jake come to my new playground I wanna know about it. smile.gif

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Right now I have reservations at the Super 8 in Dawsonville, GA on Fri & Sat night 7/28 & 7/29. Same type of ride as last time. Look for me there on Sat morning, 8am departure for a bit of fun.


Ed "Just Kruse'n"

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Right now I have reservations at the Super 8 in Dawsonville, GA on Fri & Sat night 7/28 & 7/29. Same type of ride as last time. Look for me there on Sat morning, 8am departure for a bit of fun.


Ed "Just Kruse'n"


Ut oh...The one weekend a year I have no control over. Thats the fiance's birthday. smile.gif Sorry man...next time!



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I think I heard a sound coming from my garage. The Grape Ape could be awakenin' smirk.gif


Shawnus? Celebratus Earlius?


Nous canus dous. Spentus lastus 3 weekendus riding inus mountainus. Badus Ideaus for happy homeus! PM'us for detailus!

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Wow, thats a hell of a weekend ride. I live right around the corner from Dawsonville give me a shout next time, always looking for someone to ride with.

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