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Can I still play?

Mr. Peabody

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I'm feeling very melancholy right now. I just agreed to trade my 2002 silver RT on a 2003 K1200RS. Although Sylvia and I have only dated a year, we became quite close. I mean, she let me mount her on our first date. So, will I be relegated to obscurity, or can I still participate? Egads, I ordered my tee shirt yesterday.

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Egads, I ordered my tee shirt yesterday.


There was a reason for changing the name from BMWRT.com to BMWSportTouring.com! Bring it on, I've been wanting to ride a new RS! grin.gif

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The engine in the K series of bikes is sometimes refered to as the flying brick. Brick because the cyclinders are in a flat and side by side resembing a brick. wink.gif At least that is my understanding.

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