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Runout on wishbone/telelever spindle (R1100)


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What sort of runout is acceptable on the wishbone axle/spindle on an R bike? The one I was proposing to use is showing about 0.5mm, which seems a little bent to me. I am guessing that the geometry here is not quite as critical as on the fixed tubes. Anyway, BMW do not specify a figure.

Thanks for your continued guidance.

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Well, the repair manual is not very forthcoming. Perhaps it would be worth getting a dealer to check the wishbone in the test jig? It's probably a depot tool, so there may be a delay while they get hold of it. It might prevent the aggro of assembling everything and finding a problem afterwards.




(Following your previous post, there is also mention here of checking for flaking paint -- that might be an indicator of unacceptable stress load history ...)


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Thanks, Nick, that is extremely useful. I will have to see if there is one of these gauges in the UK.

As regards the flaking paint, the wishbone looks completely straight. The finish under the paint (which I have now removed) is passivated galvanised (i.e yellow) steel. Where the paint has failed, there is white oxidation of the zinc layer and some surface rust. The original paint layer failed due to poor adhesion rather than stress loading, I think. Anyway, now it is etch primed and spray painted. Thanks again.

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