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Elf pegs?


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First time posting question on this forum, I am interested in a set of hiway pegs for my R1100RT. Has anyone installed the Elf pegs and what is your opinion of them? I know there are other manufactures but this looks like the best set as far as looks go and stowing them when not in use.

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Dmixon, the elf pegs look great, but I wonder has anyone been concerned about head cover leakage? I'm considering Pegs as well, but the possibility of the foot pressure on the elf pegs causing a leak makes me nervous.

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For me Highway pegs on the RT is like sitting on one of those Exam tables the OBGYN uses. I find using the rear pegs and simulating the use for the front peg for a minute or two is all I need to stretch out. I would suggest to find a bike with them on and give them a try before you make a purchase.




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