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Larger grips needed - sources?


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Does anyone know where I can get or recommend a good set of larger grips for my R1100RT? The stock grips are too small and cause my hands to cramp after a half hour or so.


Thanks! thumbsup.gif

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Good question... Hope somebody has good ideas on this.


Tell us more about the 125k miles. Are these all on the RT


Did you put all of them on??


Regards, RT Fink

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Jerry Johnston

A question that gets ask every so often... I purchased Harley grips with foam sleeves - removed the sleeves and slipped them over the Beemer grips using an air compressor to puff them up. They've been on the grips for nearly ten yrs and still work fine. It'll dampen vibration also.

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Go to any place where they sell and service vacuum cleaners and ask for the handle grips for a Eureka Upright sweeper, part # 27308-1. They fit right over the stock grips and do not interfere with the heated grips. Been using them since 1996 without problems.

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I went to WalMart and purchased the tennis racket "padded replacement wrap". It has a foam strip down the middle of the wrap and is quite comfortable. Two packages will wrap the grips and cost is under $6.

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Thanks for all the great ideas/sources!


RT, the 125k miles are all on the RT but most are by the original owner. He traded it in on a new one and I've picked up where he left off. (I have no clue how many I put on previous bikes grin.gif)


For 125k miles it's (*knocks on wood*dopeslap.gif) doing great. Right now my only complaints are that the shocks are shot (WP on order) and it surges a bit (Techlusion waiting to be installed). Otherwise, it's good to go!!

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I just installed a set from Grip-Tek. 3 pairs are $15. Here's the site http://www.grip-tek.com/detail.aspx?ID=36 In retrospect, the diameter of the covers I bought (GSL-4.25) is a little too large, and its length a little too short, so the next time around, I need to buy one step smaller diameter and one step longer length (model GSM-5) to fit the stock BMW grips. You can see the GSL-4.25 on my bike here http://www.mklsportster.com/r1150rt/rtgripcovers.jpg



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Go out and purchase Tennis Racket Grip wrap ! Available in diff colors/textures/padded/not padded, etc.. Works great and feels good too ! blush.gif

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