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Looking to purchase a manometer


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Google for 'carb stix' (made by Motion Pro) and pick your vendor. There are two models and the lower-priced unit is quite adequate.

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I use a Dwyer Slack Tube model 1211-36 like this one. Mine is 36" long, the one pictured is a 9".


It rolls up to store like this 1211ROLLED_pic.jpg

and has shut off valves so you can leave the fluid in it. Mine came with green dye for use with distilled water. It works great. I don't know how much they cost, I borrow it from work when I need it. You can make one for about $5 like I did before I got the Dwyer. It'll work just as well as this fancy Dwyer but it won't look as pretty hanging from your garage ceiling. thumbsup.gif

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A plainjane water manometer can be found at any good appliance parts distributor. They keep them on hand for servicers that work on gas ranges.


Price unknown. The last one I purchased in maybe 1992 was south of twenty bucks. They last a long time!

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