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Totaled my GS Thursday!


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Got rear ended Thursday by some moron blabbing on the cell phone. Sitting at home now with a broken arm & leg. Any body know any good PI attorneys in the Millbrook/Prattville Alabama area? 5c22re2.jpg?phgEZuEBiEBRs8Of

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Man I am so sorry frown.gif The photo shows it on the grass. Is that where it ended up or is that where you had it dropped off after the event?


Heal quickly and stick it to the mother!

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Crap!!! Another one....I just can't stand to see these idiots behind the wheel. Heal quickly and I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. Did you hit anyone or anything that was in front of you? I always try to stop in traffic between the cars and with enough room in front of me just in case I get hit but I might just be making myself feel better thinking that that would help so I'm just curious....Take care.

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Clap, I feel for you.. Just got hit in the rear myself today.. Ended up in the convertible (well my head did anyhow) that was in front of me while stopped.. The car that hit me was a young girl not paying attention to



So far everything is sore & hurts but doesn't seem to be anything broken..


Man get well soon, is this going to cause you any concern at your job?


Hope the person that hit you got a ticket as that will help you with any compensation you are seeking..


Good luck with your heeling & good luck seeking compensation..



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Glad that your wounds seem "healable".


That's my triumvirate of fears: sand/gravel/oil in the roadway, being hit at speed from someone coming out of blind intersection with one hand attached to their ear (nearly happened last week), and then this; being rear ended.


I never much thought about it except for the sad reports of injured riders on this web site, and the fact that I've twice been rear ended in a car by persons under the influence. I started positioning myself at every intersection so that I have an "out" left or right by actually pointing the bike that way, which also gives me a good, clear view of traffic behind me in my right or left mirror. Then I don't take my eyes off the rear mirror until the guy behind me, and maybe the guy behind him comes to a complete stop. I know that it looks silly, and it gets tedious.


Well, take a lot of meds, add some alcohol when the Doc permits it, and start shopping for the next ride. You could have been hurt badly if you were in a car, just not the same sort of injuries.


Take care! thumbsup.gif

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So sorry to hear this. I got hit on my classic Norton about a year ago, was at a stop sign, moved up a few feet to get a better look and the bozo behind me thought I took off. But I was right there. I stayed upright, my right muffler punched right thru his radiator, hardly damaged my bike (was able to ride home). I had no injuries. I stood there and screamed at him til I was hoarse, got the police to come a do a report, got a few thou out of his ins co. Everyone told me to go the distance and get maybe 20K. But I was not hurt so I decided not to.


Your situation is different. I hope he has good insurance; get the worst scumbag lawyer you can find and go for the big payoff. You're gonna be out of commission for a while and your time is worth big bucks. Go to a chiropractor and get a good long-term program going. Hope you feel better soon and get the nicest new GS with every option. Good luck.



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Keep your chin up and hope all heals well really quickly.


From what you describe the positive is in time all will be OK.


Unfortunately many of us have been there too frown.gif

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This sucks! I'm glad you're able to ask us about it. Take the idiot to court. Get everything you can. Good luck and heal quickly!

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I was hoping to help you here with some information but it looks like Alabama has no restrictions on vehicular cell phone use.


May be useful for others though



See the quick chart down the page for your particular state.


Either way your council needs to stress the point of complete distraction due to this activity resulting in massive bodily injury and property damage.

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Sorry to hear about your wreck. I'm a Motor Officer with Prattville P.D. and also a GS owner. Where did your accident happen. Hope your doing OK.

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Got rear ended Thursday by some moron blabbing on the cell phone. Sitting at home now with a broken arm & leg. Any body know any good PI attorneys in the Millbrook/Prattville Alabama area? 5c22re2.jpg?phgEZuEBiEBRs8Of


To answer your question, call Baker Donelson in Birmingham. I've used them in business to sue people and, man, they can get wicked. You get what you pay for too.


If you feel you need to call a contingency lawyer, you're going to get hit again.

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Sorry to hear of your accident,glad your among the living!


I am recovering from an incident of similar nature. I was in a Grand cherokee and the gal in the car behind me was actually pushed under my gas tank by a younger driver not paying attention and on the phone. What makes matters worse is her three friends behind her slammed into her as well. My head rebounded 2-3 times of my head rest and I wound up with a concussion and was out for three days. Thank god the weather was so crappy or I would have been riding the RT! I wouldn't be here typing this to you. any how I'm glad you are OK and I Hope you decide to keep ridng. Speedy recovery to ya! Hope to see ya on the road!

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I can't open the image but the damage to you is much more of a concern. Heal quickly and keep smiling.

Keep us all informed of your progress. wave.gif

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What a huge freakin bummer. May the Gods of motorcycling bring rapid healing to your bones and may they tear asunder the flesh of the moron asshat who hit you and smite them into a smoldering pile of baboon sh*t.


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Sorry about the accident but glad it appears that you will survive. We've got to really bear down on this cell phone crap. That and drunks.


Girlfriend was trying to pull out of a mall onto a street last month. While sitting there a big honkin' 7 series BMW jumped up on the sidewalk and hit her (Civic) at the left wheel. His airbag deployed, she was turned 90 deg and bonked her head. He was drunk as a skunk. 5:30 in the AM.


Wish I could tell you she's getting big bucks but she'll get a repaired car plus $2700.



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Try Champ Lyons,III at Lyons, Kittrell, Rowan & Horn, in Birmingham; also have a Mobile office. We're attorneys in Calif. that do motorcycle p.i. work, and Champ is working with us on a case in Alabama. (Birmingham no. is 205 877- 8700.)

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