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5,600 miles and back home


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I just returned from my trip on the RT out west. Yellowstone,Beartooth Highway,Rushmore,Bad lands. RT rode and ran great yet butt did hurt on those 600-700 mile days. I have lots of pics I would love to post. On the other sites its easy to post them but here Im not really sure how. If I figure it out I have plenty to show you guys. Beartooth was my favorite.

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I really want to see your pics. The way this site works is if your pics are posted elsewhere they can be shown here. Here's a link to the FAQ section of this board. It has a brief description of how, and in the DB Support section you can practice (and see 15 pages of trials and tests).


BMWST.com image FAQ


Practice Page

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Do you have the photos hosted on someone's server, like SmugMug or Pbase? If so, then it's very easy and I can walk you through the steps on how to do it. Alternately, you can look in the FAQs...here or you can perform a Search. Here's a good discussion on which Service is best for hosting photos.


You might also just start browsing around the Discussion Board Support forum.


Good luck! smile.gif

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Guys I believe this is my favorite pic of trip. Many more to come. This is Grand Tetons in WY




Heres another of the Tetons



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Yes, the Tetons took my breath away, those are amazing. Please post the more "normal" ones, too. It's our virtual getaway when we can't be out riding.



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Thanks for the comments on the trip. It was a great time and the scenery was awesome. Here are a few more pics for you guys.


This pic is our group at yellowstone




This pic is of Buffalo Bill Dam outside of Cody WY



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