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R1100RT oil pressure loss.


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Although I don't own the bike any more I thought I would share a major problem I had with my old R1100RT.


At 135000km the bike suffered a complete loss of oil pressure on start up. Prior to this it had shown no signs of trouble - smooth running, plenty of power, and very little oil consumption. Subsequent investigation ruled out the oil pressure relief valve and the oil filter. It was determined that a possible cause of the problem was that an oil gallery blanking plug had blown out resulting in oil being pumped straight back into the sump instead of around the motor. To confirm this diagnosis or find another cause required a complete strip down of the motor. Given the expense involved and the value of the bike I decided to cut my losses and I sold the bike for salvage. Enquiries to other BMW specialists suggest that this problem is a one off and never heard of before.


I have since bought a new R1200RT so not all is bad... bncry.gif

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But then going by the horrible, expensive rattle coming from the engine there was definetly a serious problem.

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It would have made a great project had the motor not been so difficult to remove. For there to be absolutely no pressure, what you suspect (a plug relieving all pressure) is possibly correct.


How did you determine that it was not the relief valve?

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I don't know how it was determined that it was not the pressure relief valve. I left it to a specialist to diagnose.

You are right about the work to remove the motor - or remove the bike from the motor which is probably more correct in this case. Apparently the factory quotes 30 hours labour for this job. At $70 per hour you can imagine how quickly the bill adds up. Add in the costs for any parts - and you wouldn't know what parts would be required until everything was stripped down.

I considered it as a project but as the motorcycle was my main transport it needed replacing ASAP and the money from the salvage was needed to help finance a replacement.

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