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Dark Side Question


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Now that it looks like my K1100LT is going to have a new home in NY, I'm wanting GS info.


Any year bike in particular that I should avoid?


Looking at used bikes, what questions should I be asking?


What extras should I be looking for on a bike?


Any mods that should/must be done?


Thanks in advance for your response.

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Newer the better. I always loved the looks of the '04 in Alpine White/Artic Blue. It was a limited edition for that year only.


GS's are just R's dressed up in athletic clothing. Maybe some minor suspension differences. As such, 30K plus bikes are probably gonna need shocks. The Adventure models in later years have bigger tanks and different wheels/tires and are a good choice for covering long distances. I don't recall the first year of the GS into the oilhead line but if pre-'96, you might want to look into the transmission or at least the service history to see if the tranny received an upgrade.


The new GS models (hexhead) seem to be more or less trouble free. Niggles with canbus and the like aside.


The farkle list can get long. Most seem to add some form of auxillary lighting with Motolites being high with the street riding set and some big assed PIAA's being more popular with the folks who get their feet dirty. The rest of the stuff is a matter of personal choice. My V1, XM and GPS travel from bike to bike with my tank bag so it doesn't matter what I am riding.

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