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R1200RT Corbin Seats


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Does anyone have any comments/experience with the Corbin saddle for the R1200RT? I love the bike.. but the stock seat just beats me up. Any suggestions?

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I have tried both the Corbin and the Russell Day Long..I prefer the Russell slightly over the Corbin but the Corbin is good..It's just a little hotter than the Russell because the leather is different..It's not as slick as the Russell and seems almost as hot as vinyl to me in this Texas summer heat. It actually seems to be a slightly longer seat than the Russell and does not lock you into one position quite as much as the Russell. I could be happy with it if I did not have the Russell..Much better than stock and cheaper than the Russell..

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I have a Corbin on my R1200RT along with the detachable passenger backrest. I did a ride-in appointment so I could have the seat made exactly how I wanted it and didn't have to deal with Corbin's notoriously poor customer service with mail order. As a result, the seat looks great, fits on the bike perfectly and is a huge improvement over stock. BUT, Corbins are not cushy seats - very firm - which doesn't feel so great initially but is much better and supportive as the miles come on. I had no problems on my So Cal to Gunnison ride (except for my knees getting cramped).

I also like the removable passenger backrest feature which is very important to my wife and a better approach than many of the other backrest products.

My only caveat is to try and do a ride-in if at all possible because the typical mail order process frequently results in unhappy customers.

Separately, I also have a Rick Mayer seat for the bike and I am very happy with that as well. It is not as firm as the Corbin, is significantly cheaper, and because its made on the BMW seat pan fits perfectly.

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