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Strange road riding


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To avoid a hijack I thought I would move this interesting question to its own thread. Andy




I have a question, what about strange roads that you have never been on? I can almost all the time come into a corner allot faster if I know the corner (the correct apex to take, the radiuses.) then if I don't know the corner.

My default riding style is to look how far through the corner I can see then based on that, slow accordingly.

Opinions? Comments?


Watch the 'vanishing point', the place where the two sides of the road appear to meet. If that point is moving towards you, the corner is tightening up, if it is moving away the corner is opening up. Set your speed for that where the vanishing point is constant and you will track the bend nicely.



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Andy -


There’s more than just direct sighting of the tarmac and the vanishing point. Usually you’re not dropped down from the sky, you ride into an area and if you observe them there are lots of clues in the landscape to tell you what the road will probably be like, including the curves.


Obviously the more you ride such roads the more you’ll develop a ‘feel’ for it. It used to be the biggest mystery to me how some guys could corner so fast when they’d never been there before, but that’s how they do it.


Those who don’t get this think that other riders have better bikes, different tires, are idiots or an array of things that have nothing to do with it, they just lack this knowledge or are just un-experienced, like I was. Of course there are also riders who are just plain stupid in the way they risk their own safety and that of others on the road. We have lots of names for them… blush.gif

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