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Kisan Pathfinder Hi-Beam Won't Come On


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I just installed a Kisan Pathblazer in my 2004 R1150RT. All the connections are made and the high beam won't come on at all. I read a previous post on installing the Pathblazer and decided to splice the Pathblazer ground wire into the brown ground wire that was going to the Hi-Beam rather than attach the ground to the frame of the bike. All the connections seem to be correct, but I now cannot get any Hi-Beam at all. The Kisan FAQ mentions checking the ground when the Hi-Beam won't come on, but I am spliced right into the ground wire for the Hi-Beam. Needless to day I don't get it. Any suggestions? confused.gif

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Kisan has good customer support, give them a call. I'm sure you are not the first to have a problem and they most likely already have an answer.


Good luck.

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