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Helmet guardian - Hyper lite combo


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Hi all,

I recently installed a helmet guardian and some Hyper lites on my bike. I thought that I would show this to you. The Hyper lites were attached directly to the Helmet Guardian sides. I feel that this makes a good functional addition to the bike; and looks good too.



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Installation looks good. The first two aftermarket products I put on any new bike I buy is SpeedBleeders and Hyper Lites. I have an 05 RT and I mounted the LED's on the bottom side of the luggage rack just above the amber portion of the tail light lens. I positioned the LED's there because they are higher so the cages can see them and me better. In addition to the Hyper Lites I have two sets of aux. running lights mounted on the front of my bike for better visibility to oncoming traffic. Ride safe.

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