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We'll use this thread to post and (hopefully!) answer some of the questions that have come up in the registration comments area.


As more questions come up, please post 'em! Here's what we have so far:


I like anchovies on the side with my Pizza please!

Could ya have some veggie burgers on hand for the Thursday BBQ? Thanks!

Need to leave for the ride back to Kansas City Thurs. evening, any guess as to how late the dinner that night goes?

Is there going to be anything besides pizza on Tuesday?


We will make every attempt to accomodate dietary and anchovyanery requests for food. Chasing off vegans just isn't our thing. Of course, we will be limited by the culinary breadth of our chosen caterers, but we'll give it the college try.


Dinners will start according to the agenda, and food service will likely go on for 1 1/2 hours. There's nothing formal about it, so if anyone needs to grab grub & go, we'll give you cuts to the front of the line!

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Do they sell beer/wine at Iron Horse or do we need to stop in town to pick some up

if we want to partake?


They do not sell it there, to my knowledge. I have eaten at the restaurant and didn't see anything on the menu or any on the tables.

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...do we need to stop in town to pick some up

if we want to partake?


Good question. Some areas of the Bible Belt are dry, but I doubt Eureka Springs is becuase of its tourist nature.


Anybody know for sure?

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Googling shows lots of restaurants in E Springs that serve liquor and at least three liquor stores. So I can't say from personal knowledge, but I'm pretty certain it's not a dry county. (I'm sure I would not have recommended this rally site so enthusiastically if I thought there was any chance it was. smile.gif)

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From my visit in 1998, Carroll County is not dry, but at least one county (where I stopped for dinner on the way in) to the east is.


Eureka Springs has liquor stores and a couple of bars that compete with those of New York City in "funk" value.

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Yeeha! Stephen

"(E Springs) is on the good list."



Oh yea! They've got Cold Beer in that town!


And Wine at some of the restaurants. smile.gif



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Alpine Lodge Liquor Store

2036 E Van Buren

Eureka Springs, AR


Kindred Spirits

22 Spring St

Eureka Springs, AR


Quicker Liquors

169 E Van Buren

Eureka Springs, AR


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