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Sargent Super Bag


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I was over at their shop last week picking up a seat,& took a look at the bag. High quality product with a LOT of features. There's not much it won't do. After Rudy finished with showing & explaining all it's elements,I was shocked the price wasn't double the $189 he quoted. I didn't get it though,as it's a little wide for my RT.

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are you familiar with the 12GS? Do you think it would fit? I'd imagine of its too wide for an RT, there's no way it'll work well on a GS!!

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I have one that fits nicely on my '04 R1150R. The bag is a great concept, but I have had some issues with the construction quality of some of the components. I purchased the bag last August. The first problem surfaced with the first use of the bag and its rain cover. The bag is expandable and I was using it in it's retracted(?) position. In that postion, the rain cover is rather baggy, despite the drawstring it uses. This allowed the rain cover to flap around quite a bit in the wind with the result of shredding the waterproof membrane on the inside of the rain cover. The membrane is exposed on the inside of the rain cover and could benefit from being sandwiched with an inner layer of nylon to protect it. Everything in the bag was soaked.


The second issue was with the shock cord that controls the height of the expandable bag. The cord is routed around the bag using some fabric loops sew in around the top edge of the bag, and one of those broke on a ride this weekend.


Lastly, I have had a couple of pull tabs on the zippers break off.


It's a shame really, because I absolutely love the bag, but was dissapointed with the quality issues.


I did contact Sargent about the rain cover and got the response that they have not heard of the problem from anyone else, but did offer to replace the rain cover under warranty. I have not tried it again in the rain so I can't tell you if the problem was design of manufacturing.


I am now considering replacing it with a Big Mak bag.

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