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Idle bogging after warm re-start


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Whenever I re-start my bike after getting gas, pit stop etc, that lasts long enough for the engine to cool significantly, the idle speed will come up to ~1000rpm or so, and gradually slip.

I have to blip the throttle numerous times, sometimes fairly wide open, to get the idle to settle normally, otherwise it will continue to drop and then eventually stall.

It does this with or without the fast idle lever set to the stop position.

Bike is an 04Roadster, just over 12800mi.

It does not do this ever when the engine is stone cold.

I have a Techlusion installed (at ~4500mi), very low settings, but for the last ~800mi or so it has been turned off (still connected tho) and same problem.

I'm pretty sure, but could not swear to it, that I've had this 'feature' since new.

I did the 6k service myself, but have the 12k scheduled with the dealer for this week.

Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.....

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