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Baehr Helmets


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Does anyone have any experience with the Baehr Silencer II helmet? I have a Nolan 102 but have reciently been found to have a bone spur in my neck. My doctor asked if I could get a lighter helmet so I have been doing some research.

Also does teh Baehr have a 7 pin cord system that will marry up with my Autocom. I really dont feel like redoing a new autocom system.

Thanks, Bud

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Hi Bud,


As far as I remember Baehr uses a Nolan helmet as the base of the Silencer. Btw the Silencer's 1450 gr is not that light. If you'd like a featherweight helmet go for Dainese. Regarding your cable question, the Baehr headsets have 5 pins output thus I doubt you can easily marry them without soldering.

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