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R1100RT stop the rattle


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Hi i have ordered and got these 3 parts from BMW uk



Piston p/n 11 31 7 656 922

Cylinder p/n 11 31 7 688 629

sealing ring p/n 11 9 963 308






however there is also another part shown that fits between the piston and cylinder [smaller floating piston] (the one where the mans greasing it in the cylinder) my question is do i need this part?


(its in one post but not the other?)


many thanks

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The pictures in the ebbo.org link show the current state of play. The modified parts set has been through a couple of iterations: the ADV link has the intermediate version.


Don't forget you need a 15 mm combination spanner (ring/open end) to tighten the new part. The old part is 17 mm -- a more commonly found size.


Be careful with the air tube o-rings. I had a spare available and I needed it.

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