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After market seating for R1150RT


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Looking for a little insight on aftermarket seating for the R1150RT. Your views on different aftermarket seats, i.e., CeeBailey, Russell Day Long, Rick Mayer, Corbin etc.


thanks jgp

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Everybody's posterior is different, so what one loves another hates. But in some real general terms (fans of whatever I mention, please don't flame me!):


Russell & the two Mayers - Great Long Distance touring style seats. Cushy. Not sporty enough, too confining to one position, for some people.


Corbin and Sargent - Firm. Supporting. Corbin in particular more bent toward sport than touring. Too hard and somewhat unusual shaped for some.


Cee Bailey - Somewhere in between the above two categories.


Cee Bailey and Corbin offer heat, a big plus to me. I'm not sure about the other brands.



Now everyone will jump in with why their particular choice is the best!

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Even with seat jacks my stock seat was too soft for me. I bought a used Sargent off of this board and love it. It is very firm and still isn't the perfect seat but I stop for a good leg stretching every 100 miles or so anyway. I could barely go 50 miles on the stocker. Good luck.

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I've owned one Corbin (on an R11GS) and was happy with its comfort. Very firm, wide platform; I could ride hundreds of miles at a stretch, stopping only for gas.


One complaint: my Corbin didn't lock into place easily, and once when I was riding spiritedly over a speed bump the passenger seat with backrest fell off and got dinged up a little bit -- I was pretty upset at that. I've read others complain about their seats fitting into the seat locks.


Good luck!

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I bought a set of Corbin heated seats for my '04 RT. They are a big improvement over stock "comfort?" seat. They look great, the heated part is nice, and once you figure out how to shim the rear mount on the front seat they are easy to fit on and off the bike. Still, they are not my answer for an all day seat after all. I have gone back and heavily modified my stock seat with cut down foam and an adjustable air bag. The Corbins will likey be sold. Probably will end up with a Russell day-long!

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My stock seat was a killer like most. I went with Sargent (old style) and the foam lasted for about 20k before it flattened to become as hard as the stocker. I now have a Rick Mayer with around 50k on it and its foam is going away too. Rick was, somewhat of a "challenge" to work with as he tended to forget whatever we were discussing from one moment to the next (still living in the '70s perhaps wink.gif ). Good seat, as was the Sargent though the RM is far more custom whereas the Sargent is pretty generic. I think I'll keep what I have and just get 'em refoamed. Should get me at least another 70k between the two.


The Russell is reported to be the ultimate. The Cee is supposedly as close to the Russell without being a Russell as you can get. Don't know about Cee's seats but the service & support on their shields is awesome.

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