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day long gas tank


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We did 320 miles on New York's Adirondack Park roads the day before the 4th of July. One tank of gas. I call it the "day long gas tank". My butt would like to have a day long seat. blush.gif For those that have to know, I went 25 miles after the computer went to "zero miles to empty" and put in 6.5 gal. of premium. OUCH crazy.gif My wallet and my butt hurt. clap.gif

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I've done very nearly the same milage with my RT12.


Ain't it GREAT thumbsup.gif


As for your sore butt, I put a Corbin saddle on my RT12

and now my cheeks just smile all day long. grin.gif

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I just checked the corbin web site. That could take care of my butt. But my wallet will hurt for sure. wave.gif

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Your point is well taken, they are pricey, but worth every penney IMHO. thumbsup.gif


I got off easy because I only purchased the front saddle. My wife is perfectly happy with the OEM back half.

All she really wants back there are some floorboards and they don't come too cheap either.

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My main house is outside Bristow, IN my office is in Knoxville, TN a distance of just over 300 miles. I make this trip every week. Leave Indiana early Monday morning get to the office 300 miles away by 8AM, travel nonstop. Stay in Knoxville through the week, will leave heere at 4:30 and ride 300 miles home, nonstop.

Each time I fill the tank it takes just over 6.2 gallons.

For grins I make the run across 129 to Robinsville and back after work at least twice a month.

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