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which windshield


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I have a 05 R1200RT with the stock windshield and low seat. I am 5'4". I am not pleased with the air flow around the stock windshield, looking for advice on which aftermarket windshield to purchase. aeroflow, c-baileys, z technik, parabellem....??/ Help!!

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Hi Barry,

I have the Cee Bailey on my 06 RT and find the air pattern is much more stable behind it compared to stock. I'm 5'9" and here's my take on CB. The shape (reverse curve at the top) results in effectively a higher windshield than stock even if the same height as stock is ordered. I chose to go with a +1 height and it was almost too high (I really wish I'd chosen stock ht). I also added +3 in width which I find is just about perfect. So as for the Cee Bailey just keep the height adjustment in mind if you decide to order. I'm sure you'll get some other comments on this and other brands here as well. The subject is common so doing some searching in the archives should get you a lot more too. Good luck.

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