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Tips on using a Jo's Upac


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Just recieved a UPac and am wondering if folks have any tips on how to tie it, pack it etc. What is the best way to tie it over the stock bags on an 1100 RT? I can figure this out myself but if anyone has any words of wisdom I would appreciate it.


Oh, does the bag need to be treated?


Thanks, Dean

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Here's what we've done after using one of these for a couple of seasons:


1. The webbing "tabs" on the bottom of the main section are designed to fit into the slots on the standard RT rear rack. However, they are not very long and it can be a bear to fit cord or other material through them to tie off. For a while we ended up using large zip ties instead. Never had any of these break, and once the bag was tied on, we left it for the duration of the trip. After several times out like this, we modified the tabs; i.e. I cut them at the mid point and had my wife sew on some velco strips that could be fed through the slots, wrapped around the rack and pressed together. This works quite well as the bag can be quickly taken on and off.


2. For the front of the bag over the side cases we took the two webbing tabs on the bag and tied them together with a plastic snap hook. This is attached to a "bungee buddy" mounted on the front of the hard case.


3. With the attachments above complete, we load the bag then use two "Rok Straps", one attached to the far right and left sides of the rear rack around the U-pac, then cinched tight.


4. We then use two more webbing straps (or Rok Straps), each attached to the front vertical legs of the rack then wrapped around the side of the U-pac above the rear of the side case


This all provides for a very solid load that won't shift.


Hope this helps!

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No problem! The U-pac is a godsend for two-up camping. Just watch the weight load that high up and back of the rear axel!

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