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A Ride Through Boring, Oregon


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My 4th of July celebration was spent riding through Boring, OR to get a few shots at Mt. Hood. It was a balmy 58 degrees as I wound my way up the mountains directly across from Hood. I stopped for breakfast in ZigZag, OR and had the bigest omlet in my life at The Still Creek Inn. In fact, it was called "The ZigZag Omlet" on the menu. It was as big as the oval plate it sat on & really loaded. Stop & try one - the chef owns the restaurant so you know it's gonna be good.




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Gosh, I took a ride this morning to Micanopy in "balmy" 90 degree weather. Didn't see a single mountain let along one to rival Mt Hood. I need to relocate west of the Divide. Thanks for the pics. Bill

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Nice shots, Kobo. I'm a tad disappointed that you didn't include a pic of the "Boring Oregon City" sign on highway 26, though... cool.gif



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And as I recall, you were worried about going to Oregon.


I'll bet you have found it to be near Heaven on Earth, haven't you?

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I too recall Bob worrying himself--and the rest of us--sick about his new job and move to the pacnorthwest. Seems like Bob has discovered what so many of us from the east did when we traveled west--it's a freakin motorcyclists paradise, rain or shine!

Thanks for sharing, Bob and may you rack up the miles, from the peaks of Three Sisters down past Crater and on to Lassen (being sure to stop in at Burney Falls!), then up around Shasta and back home again through the Willamette Valley.... hehe

You don't know how badly I wish I could join ya--Nashville is a far cry from the heaven you currently find yourself in!


Sob....Here's what happened to me....


From this:









YIKES! dopeslap.gif

Well, at least the dog looks happy....


So count yer lucky stars Bob, things cudda been worse!


I'm just glad my stay in the south is only temporary; it won't be long and I may pass you on one of those fabulous western hiways!

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I'll be headed that way in a two weeks,on my "long way round" trip back from the TOR rally.

Stopping outside of Vancouver,WA to see an old friend,then south to my old hometown,Eugene,to pick up my riding buddies for the trip south to Laguna Seca to the Moto GP,then home.


Thanks for the meal recommendation,I'll try to stop there!



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I haven't forgotten my anguish in getting here to this wonderful place & a great job to make it all work. I got my Oregon driver's license today. Not a small feat considering I failed the vehicle written test twice before scoring a 93 today. I scored a 96 on the motorcycle test two weeks ago.


As far as the Boring, OR sign I truly missed it. I was looking for that sort of thing to photograph too. This state has such unique names that it's cool. Take ZigZag for example. How cool is that!!!

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Speaking of interestng names.There used to be a place called Whorehouse flats in northeastern Oregon,then they got PC and changed it to Naughty Girl flats.


We have "Cool" in California,it's just south of Auburn on Hwy 49.




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Great pictures Bob! My dad grew up in Cascade Locks, not too far from Boring. When I was young, we would travel to Oregon a few times a year to visit my dad's aunt, who lived on a farm in Boring. Two things I remember about the farm: her Studebaker truck, and the picture-frame window in her living room that perfectly framed Mt. Hood...


My new wife clap.gif Jennifer and I just rolled through Portland and the Columbia River Gorge area on the way back from our honeymoon. You're so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area thumbsup.gif

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