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Tic -Tic - Tic - Tic My Right Cylinder is going Tic - Tic - Tic Help?

Dakota Dave

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Dakota Dave

My bike has a full service at the dealer 3K ago. Today I went on a short ride to kick start my friend who is heading out to the RA rally in Boise Idaho.


When I got back in town I noticed a definet Tic - Tic - Tic. The rate of Tic is directly related to the RPM. It is also indepentent of if the clutch is in or out. And it is coming from the right side no question.


So do you think this is the valve adjustment out already. Seems quick to me and Odd that only one side is being loud. If I remember right the natural tendancy of the Oil head is to have the valve clearance to tighten not loosen.


Or could it be something else.

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the locking nut on one of the valves may have come loose if it wasn't snugged up at the last service. First thing I'd do is pull the valve cover to see if all 4 are still there and not loose.

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Also take a look at the rocker shaft that actuates the valves. It could have developed some up and down play that can cause quite a bit of racket. Compare the different ones to each other, two in each head. The fix isn't real hard.



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Retired At LAst

Check your alternator belt. It has probably split and you are hearing a ticing/slapping noise as it hits the side.

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