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Choke lever slips down on an '03 RT


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The tab that I lift to activate the choke on my '03 RT was sticking. I discovered that the small set screw that holds it in place had dislodged slightly and was the culprit. I removed the screw, took the assembly apart, found a way to tighten up the hole the screw threads into and reassembled everything. Best I can tell, what holds the choke in the on position is little more than a bit of friction between a rubber/plastic slide inside the assembly and a metal insert.


Anyway, with everything reassemble correctly, so I thought, the lever moves smoothly but no longer remains up (i.e., choke on). I have to hold it in the up position otherwise it slides down to the off position.


It's not a prohibitively expensive part to replace ($37 retail) but it seems like it should be fixable. Anyone else with similar experience and a simple fix that's probably staring me in the face?



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