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12 v + Amplified XM sat unit ?


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I had previously run a Roady2 throught the older "mixit" for amplification and integration with V1 on different bike with most of electrical stuff in wired tank bag. I' m thinking of going a different route on the RT. I saw that Sirius has a unit that is 12v & amplified negating the need for the mixit for amp purpose. Does anyone no if there is a comparable amplified unit for XM (3 xm's in family so i get it cheap, don't want to switch to sirius). + one that is 12v is ideal for cleaner install do get rid of that plug-step down thingy-. Just want to plug etymotics in and hear some tunes.


For those that do use a MIXIT where do you keep it on the bike and where do u get power from.


My bike came with the radio prep kit & I keep wondering if there is a way to get the sat xm to play through it EZLY?ha!



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Cant speak for the newer XM units. I have a Roady 3 & Mixit combo, with GPS & Radar also running through the Mixit. I used a hardwired adapter from http://www.myradiostore.us/ for power. The Mixit is in my tankbag, the Roady on a Hoon Hardware mount on the clutch reservoir.

I put a fuseblock under the seat and run power from it.

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I appreciate your response. A couple of questions (which tank bag did u decide to use)- you took your power off the battery--> to fuseblock<?what type,blade?> ----> powerlet adapter in tank bag with stepdown 12-6v in tank bag. I assume with multple SAE type splitters in the bag w/ pwr then going to Radar then out of bag back to roady and another line out to GPS < gps mount ?>.. Does that sound like I am getting your setup right? Are you using the mixit11 or the original? I have the original but was thinking of upgrading -they will take the old one back-new one for $99 has ground loop built in plus mono specific plugs which is helpful.

I had something similar on my FJR but would like to be able to pwr the BMW installed speakers with my XM during those short trips around town where i don't want to bother w/ tank bag but want music. I always felt nervous every time I left the tank bag on the bike for more than a minute with all the electronics in there.


I was thinking of getting the wiring harness from the BMW Z3 that others have spoke about - was wondering if the mixit could drive them? My goal is to be able to switch back and forth between stock speakers in town and ear buds on the hwy of on longer trips.


BTW found that the units lables XM2go are amplified similar to a walkman/ made to be listened to with headphones and adjustable volume control.

For those more savy than I about electrical matters, would you please take a look at the specs here http://www.mixitproducts.com/m1m2comparison.html

Does it look like the MIXIT2 has enough output to power the BMW speaker? Unsure of how to deal with four wire from the 2 BMW speakers,ie. L/R and getting that to the single plug stereo output of the mixtit..


BTW, I noticed on another thread that the wiring harness in front of the ignition switch contains switchable pwr for the optional BMW GPS- is this too much trouble to use because of it's integration into the CAN system?


Apologies for th lengthy post.


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I use a BUSS blade fuseblock, ~$10 at Autozone. I run the radar, GPS & Roady power to the front of the bike, sound cables back to the tankbag. Powerlet adapter to the tankbag to power the mixit, and split to a 3-way cig lighter plug to charge the cell phone & camera battery.

I already have the necessary isolation cables for the original Mixit, don't see the need to upgrade.

I would contact John Brown directly about the output power and it's ability to drive the speakers you are considering.

I have a K12RS, use the BMW tankbag.

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I have taken a minimalist approach to music on the bike using inexpensive components.


Satellite radio (powered off power outlet) with 6 foot extension coming out from under front seat. 

On my person I have a Boostaroo in line amp. Extension plugs into that then headphones with volume control from the the Boostaroo.

Boostaroo is 2 AA battery operated and just a bit bigger than the 2 batteries. It has 3 outs for you and your passenger(s). I use rechageable AA and I have around 45 hours of use in and still on my first charge.


Now you say you want to power standard speakers. Easy. You can purchase the Stereo 2 ring pin plug at a good electronics store and wire up a unit to plug in your stock speakers. You will be soldering on the small scale but it can be done.

Then you just mate up to your left right speakers. You can use a larger 3 pin plug disconnect left. right. ground and boom sound to the speakers!


No stock radio needed no invasive surgery either! Total cost under 40 bucks for parts (half is the Boostaroo) I mentioned

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I like your minimalist approach. What headphones are you using? Are they adequately powered by the Boostaroo at speed?



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Boostaroo is more than enough. It doubles output thus volume control phones are needed. I use earbuds the kind that fit in the ear. Sony, JVC

30 to 50 bucks (ok so I didn't account for the ear buds in my cost)

I had to get a 7 dollar volume control because all the Circut Cities and Best Buys I went to didn't have the intergrated VC in stock.


Now if you do get a amplified Sat unit the Boostaroo may not be needed at all. My Sirius unit is not so I needed it.


100 miles a hour and can hear talk radio just fine with a slight increase in Volume. Oh and I am running CB micro summer wind screen so I get a lot more air buffering than behind a stock or oversized screen. Full face helmet too.

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" wire up a unit to plug in your stock speakers. You will be soldering on the small scale but it can be done."


By unit do you mean a small amplifier since the signal will come from XM roady. Is there a very small stand alone amp that is appropriate to receive input from XM and via adapter cable hook up to and drive existing bike speakers with some kind of volume control?

thanks for your help.

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Steve, you may want to look at these. I haven't used them, but users on another BMW Motorcycle site say they work well. The price is right and they make more powerful amps for your speakers. Just another point of information wave.gif



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Ok let's try this again. Unit referred to a stereo pin plug since that is how to sound is sent out from the sat when not using a fm fequency.


Provided you get a amped sat unit you may not need any external amplification but you will need a way to get sound to the stock speakers bypassing the stock stereo.


If you do need amplification a Mix it unit would work well. The boostaroo is a in line amp but since it is AA batt operated it may not have a substainable amount of power to drive larger speakers.


Either way the sat unit should have a internal volume control 1 to 10 or bars but is difficult to access in some units thus a in line volume control can be adapted easily as simple plug and play. Some sats have a remote mine does but it's too small to use at speed with gloves.


Everything can be introduced between sat unit and installed speakers in several combinations.


Most all the work is just making the 2 ring stereo adapter (sound out) plug

to mate to the bikes stereo speakers. It's all just wires so nothing to substantial.


It's all do-able but maybe you should go talk with a sat vendor at a stereo store about amped sats first and the plans you have in mind. Items like the Mix it and Boostaroo may be foreign to them though as they are purpose built for other applications. They should at least have a idea about the sat units abillity to power speakers as a stand alone.


I am a hardcore D-I-Y type that rolls on the thrifty side of the tracks

so the accomplishment of making something work without much expense is pure joy!

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thanks again for feedback, i've decided to give this a try http://www.canakit.net/Default.asp?Conte...te/Category.asp



-- with a box from them as well, I will be getting a cable from them that will split the stereo output via 3.5mm to two RCA jacks which I may need to unravel to connect to board on amp, although perhaps radioshack has a rca to 2 wire plug. 10w per channel 12-14v compatable should do the trick. I will use existing radio harness from radio prep kit to power unit. Should enable amplification of ipod as well if i don't blow things up.


I'll let you all know how it works out. thumbsup.gif

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