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stuck throttle


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If the bike fell over on the throttle grip it may be causing it to bind because it has pushed it further onto the handlebar. Loosen the assembly and move it slightly outboard. If that is not the problem, remove the body work and check the cable for a kink or interference. Your RS has 3 strong springs on the throttle bodies that usually pull the cable closed.

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Hi Boat's-


Do you have cruise control? That may cause some problems. Also maybe the cable needs some lube. Have you done anything to bodywork or handlebars lately? Is it the throttle tube or the cable? You should have a little free play in the tube as the throttle is stuck if it isn't the tube.



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The bike hasn't fallen over, the sticking just started yesterday. I don't know how to lube the cables or loosen the throttle tube assembly. The nearest repair shop is a long ferry ride away. I do have cruise.

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This happened to me recently, however it was due to the springs on the throttle body coming loose. I had recently done some major maintenance and this caused the springs to pop out of their notches. Unlikely this is what happened on yours.


The only way you’ll be able to isolate the problem is to disassemble the right grip. Start by removing the right mirror with a 6mm Allen wrench on the nut at the bottom. Then start removing the small Phillips head machine screws at various locations around the grip – you’ll just have to hunt for them. There are 4 or 5 (can’t remember) and some are in pretty obscure locations. Don’t remove the 4 screws on the brake reservoir cap however. Then you’ll just have to figure out how to snap all of the plastic pieces apart. Once apart, you’ll see how to the throttle cable lays in its channel and how to get the end out of the grip. This will tell you if the problem is the grip or further down in the cable or throttle body.


If the problem is not in the grip, this will require further troubleshooting by removing the left body panel to gain access to the throttle body or the cruise control.


If you don’t feel comfortable doing all of this work, your only alternative is to take it into the shop. Trailer the bike if you have any doubts. Not being able to control the throttles is a definite safety hazard.


Ask more questions here if you decide to go forward on your own.



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Hi DR, Went out this morning to have a look and it was free again. What do you suppose that would indicate as the problem. I rode it home last night and it was stuck.

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Hi DR, I now see the return cable sleeve comes out of the silver knurled bit that the adjuster nuts are on.I can't seem to adjust it to any spot that prevents this from happening. Any ideas? Dave

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If there is so much freeplay that you can't adjust the ferruled end of the cable to stay inside the knurled adjuster, then something is wrong. Check the entire length of the cable to see if it is binding or hung up somewhere. The manual says to set this freeplay to 1.5mm when the engine is cold and 0.5mm when hot.



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a thought and a warning: don't lube the cable!

BMW OEM cables are lined with a teflon coating, lubing these with oil or grease would cause the teflon to swell, increasing drag. if lube is to be used, something teflon based would be acceptable.


now, as for the disappearing stuck throttle, did you use heated grips when it occured?

i've seen throttle sticking caused by the minor swelling of the heated material. this would rub against the handlebar weight.

simple solution is to loosen the assembly and move it a millimeter or so inward.


Hope this helps,


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