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I just got a proof of the shirt, today. I really like it. Be prepared for the fact that it's totally, as in totally, different from what we had before. With all due respect, I didn't think the original ones were all that subtle or elegant. smile.gif


We've gone for a far more upscale approach this time. It's not obvious that you are wearing anything but a classy t-shirt until you get up close.


Here's a shot of the front and back (this shirt is waaaay too big for me, so it's hanging a bit):






And here's a close-up of the images themselves.






The material is the same Beefy-T Haines stuff. White. Both short- and long-sleeve.


So there you have it. Since I just approved the proof, the color house is doing up 300 images, which will be at the t-shirt place on Tuesday. Then he'll need a week. From there I'll ship them all to Jamie/Leslie.


We can take orders whenever you like. Jake, since this will replace the UnRally specific shirt, you tell me when and where you want something said about them. We'll want people to have plenty of time to order before Arkansas. Probably before Torrey, too.

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Brant Herbert

LOVE IT !!! Great work! laugh.giflaugh.gif


Now, are we gonna offer these for order by having people post to a thread, or do we need/want a field on the registration form? Or both?


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Thanks for the sneak peek.


A bit of a return volley here, but I think they should be opened up to the board separate and apart from the UnRally. I say go for it.

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Sounds good, Jake. I'll put something up today. Want me to say something about how this relates to the UnRally?

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Not really necessary. No one knows that there's not going to be an UnRally T-shirt, so these Tees really are UN-related.


I'm looking into hats or pins or stickers as a Tee stand-in.

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Brant Herbert
No one knows that there's not going to be an UnRally T-shirt,

'cep when the UnRally site goes live. You spill the beans on page "Arrive" in the agenda on Tues.

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David, the T-shirt is way cool.gif. You've got to tell me where that road is, Wow! I love the shirt. Are we sure we don't want pre-orders shiped to the UN? You could ship them to my house and I'll strap them to the bike and haul 'em over. grin.gif Whatever you want to do is fine. Jake, I treasure my Gunnison T and would love to have an UN2 b-ball hat as a stand in. Pins don't do me, but I'm a fool for baseball hats.

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Brant Herbert
You've got to tell me where that road is, Wow!

Torrey, just after leaving the Lake Powell overlook. Takes my breath away every time I turn that last corner and drop into that red-walled canyon. Take a little detour on the way to E.S. and join us in Torrey the weekend before shocked.gifcool.gif and see it first-hand. laugh.giflaugh.gif


To whet your appetite, here's the overlook from a photo Jonathan Multhaup sent me --

Lake Powell Overlook The T-shirt shot is taken at the left of the photo, carving through that mesa down to the river. Can you spot the same bridge in both photos?

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Yeah - I kinda like the B-ball hat thing too. It's different and new, except for the Wurty hats way back when we were young and foolish. (still foolish, me).


We just heard some rumors that some of the "event" tees were not selling particularly well, sticking the volunteer with the tab of the leftovers. Knowing that David was working on BMWST.com t-shirts, timing wasn't great to do another separate one for the UnRally.

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Don't tempt me - I've got Chris Long's phone number in my pocket! (Catattoo)


DB - I'll send you some art work I was working on for nametags. Problem is that there is no "dot com" reference with our banners, which would play well on a Tee or a hat. any chance of adding that?


EDIT - Hey Baker - where'd your post go?!?

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