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Looking to stay in Hotel/Motel having high speed internet access


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I'm comming to Eureka Springs for the unrally and looking forward to meeting some of the people on this forum. I'm bringing my laptop and would like to stay at a hotel/motel that has high speed internet access [ethernet cable equipped]. Many places have dataports but thats only dial up. Can someone tell me a place or two I might try?

Also, at present I've got a room at the Alpen-Dorf motel but being in Eureka Springs might make walking around to eat & sightsee easier [plus provide high speed internet access]. I could use some advice from someone who knows Eureka Springs better than I where I might want to stay [this is my vacation so I will splurge on cost if needed].


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Well I made some progess on this but I've given up on the two hotels that offer high speed internet access [Crescent Hotel and Basin Park Hotel] because you have to take a rather expensive room to get it [Jacuzzi Room $279/night].


So, let me recast my question. There are two in town hotels on Main Street:Hartland Coach House Inn [140 S. Main St.] and Grand Central Hotel [37 N. Main St.]. These are not among the listed places at the unrally web site so I wonder if someone can tell me anything about them [quiet? walking distance to downtown?,etc.]? They both look close in to downtown Eureka Springs and it looks like an easy ride out Mill Hollow Rd and then onto 62W to get to the Iron Horse. Is my thinking correct here?


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Jim -


The hotel listings in the UnSite are by no means comprehensive, they're just close! The hotels you metioned are on the main drag in ES, ideal for walking the town, shopping, grabbing dinner with wine, then a stroll back to your room.


In fact, I think I'll join ya! laugh.gif Ok, just kidding.


Here's the website onthe Grand Central Hotel. I remember peeking into the lobby with dreams of a cozy fire, a cognac, and a big stinky cigar. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


It's a snap to get to the Iron Horse from there, just ensure they can give you safe, level parking for your ride.

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Hi Jake,

Thanks for the info. I made my reservations at the Grand Central Hotel and they have a level place to park the 1150RT right outside so I should be a happy visitor. Should be fun walking around the town and being able to have a glass of wine or two and not worry about driving.

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