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Tired of mountains yet!? Not me....... !!!


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Courchevel is one of the Alps' most luxury winter sports resorts. I think you could compare is to Aspen in the US? In winter there are less actual skiers and more people walking around in expensive furr coats than anywhere else in the mountains.


Fortunately (for me) these folks are nowhere to be seen in summer, except perhaps in August around the airfield, which is one of the highest in Europe (if not THE highest?).


So as to not get bored to death in our little appartment I took the bike and went to our 'own' resort (Mottaret) first..... and then headed around the mountain for a peek at Courchevel..... With the club's plane it is less than 2 minutes.... with the bike more like 20....


Halfway around, still just in sight of our appartment across the valley, is a skeet shooting place with a small parking.

And a great view.....




There is still skiing going on at the leftmost mountain, although the last few years all the snow melted in summer, unlike before :-(




At the end of the valley towers this mountain




Better seen in contrast to the little village below. That is La Praz, where they had the ski jump championships when the Winter Olympics were held in France in 1992.




Past La Praz and now the first buildings of one of the THREE Courchevel's come insight.

Courchevel consists of 3 levels, starting at 1550 meters, the highest resort is at 1880 meters, and the airfield even higher.





This is past the middle station, looking towards the 'Saulire', the same mountain we see from our balcony, but from the other side.




At the entrance of the highest resort I stopped to look back....




Down below is the town of Bozel and further into the valley is Champagny-en-Vanoise




Some weird slopes across from Courchevel. There is a deep ravine in between, making for BAD skiing there ;-) Only 2 runs on that part.




Nice eh?




Deserted roads......




And an (almost) deserted town....






The big cable going all the way up to the Saulire (in two stages)... closed of course !




On the way back......




One of the MAJOR problems in our region is the sagging of the mountain slopes.... caused by winter erosion and by rain in summer. The ground just disappears from under the roads, taking the roads with it.

There is a village some 600 feet below this particular spot that has been evacuated twice already.....




Looking all the way down on the road from our villages towards Moutiers, the main town in the area.... and the supermarkets !




Repaired once again... sort of.....




One of the other fun roads (sorry Marty!) across the valley....




Nice views wherever you look !!




So after this fun little ride I return to our own village...... which is not deserted.. there are actually locals living here !!




I hope you enjoyed the short ride with me...... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND !



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We just returned from Colorado and Hwy 550 from Durango to Ouray I declared to my family to be the prettiest road I have experienced in my 41 years. Photos at every turn. The pictures you continue to post lead me to believe that I would have plenty of contenders for that top spot in your neck of the woods. I truly appreciate the "cheap vacation". You take me places I have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy in person. But, you've given me goals! thumbsup.gif

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I know there are SO MANY wonderful places (still) on this world of ours..... I just wish we could collect them ALL in one place for everybody to enjoy.... this is my very modest contribution to such a collection.


Enjoy ! smile.gif (I know I did making them !!! thumbsup.gif ).



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Francois are you shooting these pictures in France?


Yes, the French Alps, south of Albertville. smile.gif

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