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Hoon Cooler


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A while back someone was asking about personal cooling systems. This is the Hoon Cooler that I found on this site A few years back. http://www.hoonhardware.com/ sold them, but I don't see them on his site now. I can say it works very good especially if you use ice water.

100_3851.jpg Pat

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From Steve's web site -


"The folks who've tried the Hoon Cooler are really happy with the improvement it's made in their hot-weather riding. The Hoon Cooler is not currently in production, but we may bring it back soon, as I’ve had plenty of riders ask for one."

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I have 2 of them.....and have used them every year since I got them.


Word of warning.....when packing with Ice and water....make sure you get the seal closed ALL the way.....there's nothing in the world like putting on the squeeze and getting a riveting blast of icewater down your side!! dopeslap.gif I thought somebody had sliced me with a straight razor (at 65mph.....)! It was truly shocking to say the least.



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We stock them in our dealership. But unfortunately we don't know if we'll be able to re-stock them once our current inventory is sold. It's an excellent item.

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How does this work? Do you drink from it or use as a clothing saturation device? Thanks Buckster


The latter. And it works very well. A little squirt whenever your T-shirt dries out, and you've got evaporative cooling once again. And given that the water-holding bladder is contained within an insulating neoprene bag, you can even put ice water in there and expect it to stay cool for quite a while.

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