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K1200S Quirks or Problems?


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Picked up the K1200S two weeks ago. Happy as I could be...almost 800 miles later, the questions started. Hopefully someone has some insight, as my dealer is so backed up that they can't see me until the end of next week, and I have a week long trip planned the following week, and I am trying to figure if I need to reschedule.


1. The bike does not always want to start. Power it on, put up the stand, set the kill switch to run and press the start button...nothing. Sometimes shifting to Neutral will allow it to start, sometimes I have to power cycle the ignition switch. Had to power cycle 4 times last night to get it to start. You can hear the bike run what sounds like a system check when you set the kill switch to on every time it starts, and when it will not start you do not hear anything.


2. Brake noise. I mean loud, and when it does it you get a little vibration in the handlebars. Only does it at very slow speeds like pulling into a parking place or when you are stuck in traffic and just inching along. Anything above say 10mph will not produce the sound until you get to almost a stop. Intermittent, does not do it every time, but it is getting more frequent. Did you ever have a chain link fence with a gate on it? That moaning sound your gate would make when it needed some grease, that is what my front brakes sound like. I do not ride my brakes so I don't think I could have crystalized the brakes on this, and it started after about 15 miles on the bike...has gotten worse. Dealer says it's normal, more metallic brake on a high perfromance bike, but they are reluctant to come out and take a look either when I bring the bike by. Just tell me to spray the brakes with some brake cleaner and wash it off and it will go away for a while. Feels like a cop out, and I can't imagine for what this thing costs, this is "normal". confused.gif


3. And this is purely cosmetic, but the black spoiler that has the BMW logo on it on both sides of the side fairings on the bike is loose. Noticed it when I washed it that they move up and down. Is this by design?


Any and all help and opinions are appreciated.


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I'd reschedule. If you have concerns about what you believe is unusual behavior or seemingly odd characteristics, then it's BMW's responsibility to address those concerns. After all, you did spend hefty wampum on this machine... grin.gif

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Regarding the starting thing, there is a known problem with the reliability of the side stand switch on this bike. It can stick in the "down" position (internally) which will inhibit starting. Try flipping the sidestand down and back up a couple of times to see if this allows the bike to start. Then tell the dealer to replace the switch.

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Oh I totally agree about quality -vs- money. smirk.gif As of today I have had 2 dealers tell me that the brake noise is normal behaviour and it should taper off after 1000 miles.


I talked to another fella on a different list and he says his S did the EXACT same thing and now that he is crossed that 1000 mile mark the sound has almost gone away.


I have had 3 BMWs over the past 4 years, an RT, an X3 (cage), and now this K1200S. None have been the poster child for reliability. None have ever broken down mind you, but failures of systems that have made ownership overall less than joyous. Riding on (or in) any of them is always great and anything else I have tried just does not measure up in my eyes, so I keep coming back to the dark side. dopeslap.gif

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Thanks. I suspect it is something that is making the bike think the sidestand is down, but I have no way to prove it....yet. Will give this a shot and see if it proves the point.

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I've had no problems w/ mine starting, your problem does sound like the side stand switch.

I did have some growling from the front brake when new. It gradually went away w/ some miles.

The roundels shouldn't be loose. I went out & checked mine. They are solid. Probably a loose fastner.

The only real problem I've had is that the darn thing refuses to obey the speed limit. grin.gif

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This is a can-bus system bike.

If you must use the kill switch other than for emergencies - turn the kill switch to run before you insert the ignition key.

Much less confusion for the linked processors if they can all start at the same time.

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Starting - You are doing it wrong. Read your manual.


Brake Noise - known issue and recall/tech bulletin. Parts shortage. If your dealer has paid his bills you'll get fixed by September.


Loose Parts - were they loose when you did your pre-delivery inspection? Should have reported it then. If you skipped the inspection then shame on you.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Just turned over 10,000 miles, I did 5200 last week going to Un rally and home... flawless. I did 50 miles of unpaved and wet and sloppy mag chlorided roads...who needs a GS... dopeslap.gif

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Just turned over 10,000 miles, I did 5200 last week going to Un rally and home... flawless. I did 50 miles of unpaved and wet and sloppy mag chlorided roads...who needs a GS... dopeslap.gif


Calvin you are making me wish I had bought the K1200S instead of another KRS!


Hope to see you at the Fall El Paseo!

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