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Help with windshield


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Put a Cee Bailey +5 Euro cut on the RT today.Thought I was going to crash going around the first corner. eek.gif

It has the worst distortion I have ever seen!


I had read good things about C.B.,so am I missing something?


I'm putting the stocker back on tomorrow.


So my question is,Aeroflow or Z-Technique?



P.S.,Taking offers on a brand new Cee Bailey. grin.gif

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Its best if you don't look through the windshield. Just keep it about an inch or two below you line of sight. Any windshield with a curve is going to give you problems if you look through it.

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DUH!!! dopeslap.gif

Of course I look over the shield,but when cornering or approaching stopping traffic,one must look through it.


About the curve,that's B.S. High quality optics don't distort.

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How tall are you? (I'm 5'9") I have a 3.5" and the curve is right in my line of sight when fully extended. I do notice some distortion around the curve, but below is pretty clear. My problem is the full protection is nixed with the curve. I am thinking about shimming the screen a little to see if that helps. I am thinking about a non curved 4"-6" to combat the line of sight problem.

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I'm 6'2". I see distortion not only in the upper curve,but also the sides. Even looking over it,it still causes quite a distraction.

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I have had every kind of 'after market' windshield out there on a variety of bikes, the Gold Wing and the ST1100 were the winners with 3 each, none of which was as good as the Z-Technic which I have on the R1200RT now.


After 5,000 miles the only time I wish for the stocker is when it is 30c+, like yesterday tongue.gif



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Hmmn, mine is really clear, the only distortion I have is around the curve. Might want to call CB and see if they can send you a new one, I am pretty sure they use flame heat to bend and curve the screen, maybe they got a little over zealous?

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I am 6' and use an Aeroflow. They are about the same height as the stock shield. I can't imagine using something 5" taller. I may just bring the top of the shield too close to your face. That certainly would amplify the distortion effect. Do you run the shield fully upright or about halfway? I run the Aeroflow about 1/2 to 2/3 up and get still air at those levels. It is well below my normal line of sight. You may have been more satisfied with a Cee Bailey in a 2 1/2" or 3 1/2".

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I have a +3,+3 CeeBailey's. When I first rode with the windshield I noticed the distortion as well. However, after a few hours of riding I didn't notice it anymore. Even the stock has some distortion.

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Huzband, not sure how tall you are, but I'm 6'3" with a relatively short 33" inseam (read: long torso), have the CB +3 +3 and was considering dropping to the +2 height because I can find quiet air with the WS raised about 2/3 of maximum. In this position I easily see over the top of the WS and only look thru the plastic if I'm climbing a fairly steep grade.


If you're looking for a WS to look thru the plastic, then I don't think the CB with the "Euro bend" will be a good choice.

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I had thought about trying a Parabellum. They offer tinted and non at +2.5 inches and +4 inches.

They offer a 30 day trial and are located right here in the north of Atlanta area. (like me)

I had one of theirs I would put on my GS for cold/bad weather and/or long trips.


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I got the +5 so I wouldn't have to raise it to the vertical barn-door position. I could run the C.B at less than half up,& still see over it.


You do have a point about it being closer to my face.I noticed that as soon as I installed it.


I'm not wanting to look through the windshield,& although the stocker does have some slight distortion,it's not so much as to be a major distraction when looking over/around it.

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You will get used to it. It is just like a new pair of glasses. Give it a chance and you will be satisfied.

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I'm not sure the Aeroflow would help you. I'm 6' and find the Aeroflow works great. I would think 6'2" would be abou ' max protection though, just based on the aerodynamics felt while riding with it.

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